Here’s what has happened in the last weeks:

  • The water service was switched over to the new water main and the water was tested
  • The electrical and plumbing connections in the kitchen are almost complete
  • Carpet has been laid between the top of the new stairs and the entrance to the sanctuary
  • The remaining playground equipment was installed
  • The fence is going in around the playground
  • Work continues on the bathrooms in the downstairs hallway (underneath fellowship hall)
  • The sprinkler system installation is complete

Here’s what is scheduled to happen in the next week (or so):

  • The top layer of asphalt will be laid on the new driveway
  • The fire protection and alarm system will be tested
  • More flooring will be laid in the hallways throughout
  • The remaining ceiling tiles will be installed
  • Work will continue on the bioretention areas

Keep checking back here regularly for updates. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to Pastor Scott at