Committees are split between Session and Deacon Committees which help support CMPC and enable the church to be an active participant in the community.


Care & Wellness
The Care & Wellness Committee looks out for the care and wellness of our church community. C&W maintains the prayer chain (a group of church members who pray for those in need) and coordinates pastoral visits to the home and hospital. This committee also oversees the shawl ministry, a group of church members who knit or crochet prayer shawls for members in need and blankets and hats for new babies in the congregation. C&W maintains a card ministry by sending cards – Halloween & Valentines to college students, and birthday, get-well, sympathy, and Christmas cards to all members. Care and Wellness also coordinate meals for home-bound members through the Meal Train and is responsible for funeral receptions for families of deceased members. A semi-annual blood drive is coordinated through Care and Wellness. We also organize events/programs to encourage proactive approach to physical, mental, spiritual health of our congregation.
Activities – Red Cross Blood Drive
Committee Chairperson – Kris Bloom
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The Fellowship Committee organizes activities allowing members of CMPC to gather for relationship building, fun, and fellowship. The Fellowship Committee identifies specific groups that would benefit from an activity and plan for/with their needs in mind. The Fellowship Committee also organizes fellowship hour following worship and collaborates with other committees as needed.
Activities – Chili Cook Off
Committee Chairperson – Todd Stubbs
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Membership & Hospitality
The Membership & Hospitality Committee identifies ways to make CMPC more inviting for visitors and prospective members to also include supporting new members of CMPC.  We also track current member’s activity levels and maintain membership rolls within CMPC.
Activities – Member Directory, Bread Ministry
Committee Chairperson – Gil Burckart
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Christian Education
Our Christian Education Committee oversees discipleship programs for all ages. For youth, we offer LOGOS, Sunday Experience, Vacation Bible School and the weekday CMPC Preschool. Adult programs are Bible studies, Theology on Tap, and Women for Women. GIFT (Generations In Faith Together) is an intergenerational approach to learning, as is our annual all-church retreat. Details are available on the church website.
Activities – LOGOS, CMPC Preschool, etc
Committee Chairperson – Liz Perraud
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In addition to overseeing the office budget and the overall IT and communication infrastructure, the CC supports and advises the Communications Coordinator by researching tools that the church can use and, once identified, in procuring them for the use by the church and Coordinator. The CC also sets policies and guidance, with the advice and consent of Session, on how information is used and disseminated within and without the church.
Activities – CMPC Bridge
Committee Chairperson – Jeff Seymour
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The Finance Committee monitors the budget and budget drafting process for the church. This committee is the oversight of revenue and expenses and procures an audit of church financials each year. The FC supports and oversees the work of the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer and communicates the financial status to the church pastor, session, and congregation as needed. The Finance Committee also suggests ways to improve processes and uses of funds.
Activities – Monitor CMPC Yearly Budget
Committee Chairperson – Leta Loring
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Mission & Local Outreach
The Mission and Local Outreach Committee is responsible for the overall benevolence, giving, special offerings, and support for local, national, and international causes. It looks for ways to match congregation members’ interests and skills with various projects and for ways to work ecumenically and in relationship with the Presbytery and General Assembly. CMPC’s outreach has served ministries in Howard County, Laurel, Baltimore, Atlantic City, the Gulf Coast, Africa and Asia.
Activities – Support Local, National & International Causes
Committee Chairperson – Don Neely
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The Nominating Committee recommends elders, deacons and members of the next nominating committee for service annually and as vacancies arise. The Committee also assists in New Officer training/orientation as needed.
Activities – Nominates CMPC Members for Service Roles
Committee Chairperson – Maha Davies
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The Personnel Committee is the “human resource arm” of the church. This committee formulates and oversees employment and personnel policies for all staff. Personnel reviews compensation packages, oversees staff evaluation processes, monitor staff development activity, and assists in hiring of new staff. The Personnel Committee apprises the Session of any pertinent employment and personnel issues.
Activities – HR/Personnel duties for CMPC
Committee Chairperson – Shelley Clemens
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The Property Committee collaborates with the Facility and Property Manager to oversee maintenance of the entire facility as well as church property grounds and manages the annual budget to do so. Specifically, they ensure all mechanical, electrical, structural, technological, heating/cooling, and safety systems are in good working order. Further, they make certain that the general aesthetics inside and landscaping outside are also maintained. Additionally, this group verifies that all vendors working on behalf of the church on property / facility related matters do so in accordance with their contract and make changes as needed. Whenever possible, this group works to resolve issues themselves by repairing, replacing, building, and beautifying as needed.
Activities – CMPC Clean Up Days
Committee Chairperson – Terry Brown
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The Stewardship Committee organizes the annual stewardship campaign and identifies ways to encourage planned giving. This committee tracks the financial pledges throughout the year and educates the congregation on the importance of stewardship. The Stewardship Committee will also collaborate with other committees to match members’ generosity with church needs.
Activities – Stewardship Campaign
Committee Chairperson – Sue Ashman
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Worship & Music
The Worship & Music Committee oversees the communion schedule approval and preparation, as well as the recruitment, training and scheduling of liturgists, ushers, and communion servers. The Worship and Music Committee monitors the usage and maintenance of the worship space to include use for baptisms, weddings, funerals, and flower arrangements. The Worship & Music Committee maintains the music library, music equipment, oversees the sound system and personnel, and assists in the evaluation of the music staff as needed.
Activities – Communion, CMPC Music
Committee Chairperson – Ron Brown
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