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Preschool Testimonials

This is our first year at Christ Memorial Christian Preschool and we could not feel more blessed to have this amazing school near us. The building and facility is beautiful, the curriculum is great and challenges my child in the best way, and the staff are truly angels! My daughter experienced severe separation anxieties and stress and the school did everything possible to ensure she had a positive and secure experience. Mrs. Rosti, Mrs. Benzing and Mrs. Gallagher have gone above and beyond to show my child compassion, to help build her strength emotionally, and to assist her in feeling safe in her environment. They provided individualized supports for her, as well as the rest of the children, which is incredible. My daughter is thriving because of Christ Memorial Christian Preschool, and we are so grateful for our experience. We have registered our youngest to begin next fall also! I would absolutely recommend Christ Memorial to anyone and everyone looking for a preschool!

– Kim C.

“I recommend CMPC Preschool to everyone I know! The program is extremely organized with great communication between staff and parents, there is a focus on play and playful learning, and the staff genuinely seems to love and care for the students.” 

– Taylor K.

Two of my sons have attended Christ Memorial Christian Preschool and have thrived in such a fun, loving, and educational environment. My oldest son who is now in kindergarten misses preschool and enjoys visiting while dropping off his younger brother. I attended CMCP myself 30+ years ago and the values the school instills have remained constant over the years. The teachers and director are friendly, organized, and communicate all upcoming school events in advance, which I greatly appreciate as a working parent. Christ Memorial provides a nice balance of faith, socialization, and age-appropriate activities giving your child a well-rounded educational experience as they prepare for elementary school. We also love the community at the school and value the friendships we’ve made over the years!

 – Emma F.

Christ Memorial Christian Preschool is an AMAZING place to send little ones. The part-time class schedule has eased my girls into a structured classroom with a regular routine and lots of opportunities for them to make new friends. The teachers are unbelievably awesome and have a real passion for teaching. They are kind, patient and engaging and their teaching styles hold the attention of the children. There is a lot of learning going on through reading books, working on letters and numbers, arts and crafts and play time that is geared to the individual student’s capabilities. Most importantly, all instruction correlates with the teachings from the Bible. Students learn about Jesus through songs, story time and occasional visits from the church’s Pastor. The teachers also provide progress reports twice during the year that are always very informative. I also appreciate the strict security measures they have in place for the drop-offs/pick-ups and the availability of the playground that we take advantage of after school is out. I have complete confidence that the quality time my children spend in Christ Memorial’s preschool program will well-prepare them for kindergarten. My family feels fortunate to have found such a wonderful place to send our children for their first experience in a school!

– Kimberly M.

“If you asked me in person to tell you about our experiences at CMCP, it would be hard to stop talking. I found CMCP as a first time parent sending my first child to preschool, and it was a non-negotiable to send my next three children here, as well. All four of my children had a tremendously enriching time, experiencing a multitude of exciting things to play and explore literally every single day. Communication is top notch and the staff are very wonderful with the children and grownups alike. I was always WOWED by the caliber of the crafts and fun but full agenda of play every day (while also learning plenty). I cannot recommend this preschool enough. Such a gem and a gift in our community!”

– Erin K.