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Preschool Testimonials

“My family has been attending CMCP since my oldest son was 5 and we love it more and more each year. It is a very well organized and happy place for my daughter and younger son now to both grow and learn. My oldest son and his other CMCP classmate followed each other to kindergarten and were the 1st two student to achieve the ACE award the first week of school! Mrs. Sullivan is always lending a hand and the teachers are there because they want to be. I wish I could give this school 1000 stars because it deserves them all. The parents are all involved and the wonderful programs they put on for the holidays are over the top! We have looked into other schools in the area and this school is very cost effective. I love days like today when every other school is closed…guess what…they are open at 10:30 and close at 12:30! Love love love it and the wonderful friends we keep in touch with to this day!– Angie B.

“Christ Memorial delivered everything that we were looking for and then some.  Mrs. Sullivan (director) was our first contact. She took the time to answer all of our questions and was genuinely interested in learning about our son and his needs. The same held true for his teachers.  From the first day, we have had a happy child and he constantly talks about how much he loves his teachers. Of equal importance, he also knows that his teachers love him. Due to the loving relationships, our son eagerly goes to preschool and comes home smiling. Academics are handled appropriately, and content is delivered via a number of methods—ensuring that learning styles are respected.  Biblical training is delivered in a way that is exciting and encourages kids to develop their own relationship with God. Our son prays for his classmates and can name what makes them special. Movement is a part of every day, even on days when the kids must play inside. (They get to ride tricycles and climb indoors!) The school is family and Christ centered. Families are invited to not only participate in the school experience, but also to participate in the church activities and to interact with the surrounding community.When I drop our son off, I know he’s in good hands and I have peace of mind.  I can’t say enough about what a positive experience our family has had at Christ Memorial!” – Cheryl D.

“I want to let you know how great [our daughter] is doing in school! I always knew she was learning a lot at CMCP but I didn’t realize how much farther ahead she would be. She has already mastered all her Kindergarten reading skills and is now working on her first grade skills! And her teacher and assistant say how great she is doing and her confidence is really growing… I can’t begin to express my gratitude for not just the wonderful education she received at [Christ Memorial Christian Preschool], but also for all the other things that prepared her so well for Kindergarten!” – Kelly R. 

“My sons both attended preschool at Christ Memorial, and thoroughly enjoyed it. They loved the structured agenda each day and knowing what to expect. They enjoyed the additional activities built into the school day such as yoga, music and baking. They also enjoyed the long time friends they made, and the “family” atmosphere the school provided. My husband and I enjoyed the age-appropriate academic program the preschool offered. There was lots of learning through play on the younger years, then a solid focus on kindergarten prep in each of their last years at preschool. My eldest was absolutely ready to face kindergarten head on with the education we had at Christ Memorial. Our expectations were met across the board in all three years, and the communication was wonderful between the staff and parents. I would recommend this preschool to all of our friends.” – Marybeth D

“I wanted to pass on to you how impressed [my daughter’s] kindergarten teacher is with the skill level she came in at.  Her teacher told us at her parent teacher conference that she already knew 60% of the Kindergarten curriculum when they assessed her.  This is great because they have changed the whole curriculum this year for her.  They have to be reading on a C level by year-end. Thanks a bunch for all your help.  We miss you all this year!” – Mimi A.

“While attending Christ Memorial Christian Preschool this past year, our daughter has benefited from the amazing staff and teachers as shown through her excitement to go to school and her development physically, mentally, and spiritually. She has become independent and expressive and she has shown much progress from the benefits offered through the class day routines and projects. We were looking for a preschool that had a small, community feeling in which Quinn could grow and be nurtured in and we have found this through Christ Memorial Christian Preschool. She is welcomed with a wonderful smile and greeting from the teachers and this provides a calm and home-like environment for her to learn and develop in. Quinn has significantly improved in her communication skills and her independence and she has a passion and excitement for everything that comes her way since attending CMCP.” – Morgan R