At Christ Memorial Christian Preschool we welcome children with all abilities and support them based on their individual needs. Our goal is to help children grow at their own rate, in all areas of development, and to help them make a smooth transition into kindergarten. This is accomplished by providing each child opportunities to interact with their peers in a developmentally appropriate environment that offers a balance of child initiated and teacher directed activities.  Using the Creative Curriculum®, the preschool covers all areas of a child’s development, including:

Physical:           Fine motor skills – drawing, writing, hand-eye coordination. Gross motor skills – running, jumping, hopping, balancing, climbing, skipping, pedaling and steering a tricycle, throwing, kicking and catching

Social and Emotional:    Thinking creatively and using imagination, adjusting to new situations, following class routines and rules, playing well with others, shares, taking responsibility for self and belongings

Cognitive:         Math skills – Identification of numbers, One-to-one correspondence, ordinal memory, sequencing, classification, sorting, organization, measuring and time; Colors – likeness and differences, primary & secondary colors; Shapes – Names, perception (likeness and differences), size & shape discrimination, placement in space, classification

Language:        Listening, sound discrimination, using words to express thoughts, understanding and following directions, identification of letters, visual perception, memory, ability to ask and  answer questions, participating in class discussions

Spiritual:          Familiarity with the Bible and its teaching, respect for self, others and the world.

We utilize our community resources to supplement the curriculum by taking field trips and inviting specialized programs and volunteers into our classrooms.

To learn more about the specific Monthly Themes at Christ Memorial Christian Preschool please click here.