Here’s what has happened in the last weeks:

  • The new playground equipment was installed along with the rubber ground covering
  • The driveway was paved and will receive the final coat soon
  • The carpet has been laid in the nursery and fellowship hall
  • The flooring has been laid on the stage in fellowship hall and in the server area
  • The countertops and sinks have been installed in the restrooms
  • Most of the doors have been hung throughout the building
  • The sprinkler pipes in the area under the sanctuary and in fellowship hall have been painted
  • Some of the light poles have been installed in the parking lot
  • The new emergency stairs have been installed
  • The temporary construction entrance was removed and replaced with a window

Here’s what is scheduled to happen in the next week (or so):

  • The electrical and plumbing connections in the kitchen will be completed
  • The flooring will be laid in the hallway under fellowship hall
  • Lights will be installed in the restrooms
  • The remaining playground equipment will be installed
  • Fence will be installed around the perimeter of the playground

Keep checking back here regularly for updates. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to Pastor Scott at