Ministry Expansion Plan Update November 29, 2018

Work is finally underway once again on the Ministry Expansion Plan here at CMPC!  As I write this update workers are taking down the canopy outside the parking lot entrance.  Soon we will see more equipment and workers on site preparing part of the property for the new HVAC units for the sanctuary, the new stairwell and entrance, the temporary doorway (through the old copier room), and the new electrical service from BGE.  We are actively working on finalizing the plans for the sprinkler system to be installed in the sanctuary—which will be the first phase of work done in that space.

Just this week we received the updated Phasing Plan from Whiting Turner—our general contractors.  The plan is linked here,  CMPC Phasing Plan Month by Month – Updated Legend, but here are the highlights:

  • The interior of the sanctuary will be complete and we will regain access to it by the end of March 2019 (work will continue on the exterior and roof).  At this time we will vacate the south half of the building.
  • The prep work on the foundation of the new Shaker Drive addition (housing the kitchen, lobby, restrooms, and classrooms) will begin in March
  • The construction of the new driveway will begin in April
  • Fellowship Hall and the offices and classrooms below will be complete in July
  • The new stairwell and entrance will be complete in July
  • The new Shaker Drive addition will be complete in October

Going forward we anticipate posting regular updates here (on the church blog) so please check back often to stay informed.