Our Spring Clean-up on Saturday, April 23rd was another huge success. We were able to complete multiple projects on the church grounds to get ready for summer, despite the rain.

  • Almost the entire property was mulched including the new areas in the Serenity Garden and the hill by the playground.
  • Landscape edging was placed around our new trees to help protect them and improve the longevity of the mulch.
  • Covers were taken off of the outside of the window unit – air conditioners.
  • The door stopper that was loose leading into the preschool was fixed.
  • The cribs, changing table, and kids chairs were all secured and tightened in the nursery.
  • Hoses were put out in place at each of the faucets.
  • The main entrance was washed down and plants watered.
  • Benches were moved to the outdoor worship area in the Serenity Garden.

Because of the rain we were unable to complete the following:

  • Bench staining
  • Landscape timbers for hill to prevent erosion
  • Volleyball net installation
  • Weed spray along sidewalks.

This work will be done over the next two weeks.


Thanks to all those who came out to help! The effort and willingness to tolerate the rain is most definitely appreciated.


Post courtesy of our Property Manager, Tito Baca.