April WFW1

This month we gathered at Rebecca Spain’s home for a discussion on nutrition and some fitness demonstrations.  There was a range of ages – four young mothers up to a few grandmothers – and even a few new faces.  Rachel Wade opened the gathering with a prayer for our health.  We began in small groups, thinking about what we were doing well, and what area we could improve upon in terms our health, eating, or activity level.   April WFW 2

Kelly Hase (pronounced: Hah-see) lead us in a discussion on clean eating – the concept that we really should recognize the ingredients in the foods we eat, and packaged food is not always bad, as long as the ingredient list is short and recognizable.  We discussed sodium intake, joint inflammation triggers, water intake (take your weight, divide it in half, and consume that number of ounces each day) and shared some tasty, healthy recipes. Lindsey will send those out after she receives them.  Finally, Rebecca shared that we should strive for eating healthy 80% of the time.

April WFW 3Then Rebecca lead us in some strengthening exercises. She took us to her studio in her basement, and showed us some easy exercises anyone can do to strengthen their core.  Finally, she led 10 brave ladies of all ages in a circuit workout that left a few of us with sore muscles.  Well done ladies!


Post courtesy of Lindsey Kim.