Presbyterian Church in Columbia, Maryland
Worship Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

From the Mission & Local Outreach Committee

Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 CMPC made two trips to Gulfport, MS to help rebuild homes there.  That relationship continues to this day.  Over the years CMPC has supported Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders which started in MS following Katrina and continues to respond to hurricanes such as Ida, Florence and the tornadoes in Kentucky.  This year the Mission Committee provided some funds to Fuller Center which are being used to rebuild a home in Gulfport severely damaged following a space-heater  fire last January.  The elderly couple had no insurance and the home was a near-total loss.   Insurance is extremely costly due to hurricanes that hit the area.  The rebuild is being led by Pete Berlowitz with the support of Back Bay Mission, Amish groups and local volunteers.  As of this week we finished putting in new Electrical, Plumbing and A/C as well as a roof.  We are now hoping to get drywall installed over the next two weeks and that we can get the homeowners back in by Christmas.