Presbyterian Church in Columbia, Maryland
Worship Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Summary of April 17, 2023 Session Meeting

The Session embarked on a discussion of how to best launch the two visioning projects prioritized by the congregation in recent individual interviews and town hall meetings and reported by the Ad Hoc Visioning Committee. Tentative plans call for establishing a leadership team to tackle the housing and food insecurity initiative first, then perhaps eventually creating a similar model for the mental health and wellness initiative.

Next steps involve shaping concrete goals and enlisting volunteers to tackle community projects aimed at fulfilling the Ministry Expansion Plan objectives that drove our church renovation and expansion project in the first place.

Though our efforts were delayed by the global pandemic, we are finally standing at the threshold of realizing our shared vision of making an even greater difference in the community. These are exciting times in the life of the church. Stay tuned!

In other business:          

  • Pastor Hoffman announced plans to organize a new member class within the next few months after getting inquiries from people who have been regularly attending worship service.
  • Work to try to resolve the ongoing humidity issue in the sanctuary, which will be coordinated by general contractor Whiting-Turner at no cost to the church, will soon get underway with a temporary dehumidification system put into service in the meantime. If this latest effort doesn’t fix the problem, the church may need to consider purchasing additional equipment.
  • The Session discussed the best way to bring elected church officers and at-large committee members back together for in-person meetings, perhaps on a quarterly basis at first. Plans are expected to be finalized soon after conferring with the Board of Deacons and others.
  • Finance Committee Chair Jeff Bloom reported continued good news on the revenue and expenses fronts, and Pastor Scott said the church may be close to qualifying for rebates from the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program, which holds our mortgage.