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Ukraine Update

Pastor Hoffman recently received a message from Dick Barnes (US Army Retired and former Scoutmaster) who for many years worked with the Association for Christian Conferences Teaching and Service.

Until his retirement, he travelled frequently to Ukraine and surrounding countries to help military Christian leaders form vibrant Christian fellowships.

The Mission and Local Outreach Committee has supported his ministry.

The update is from Valentin Korenevich who heads up the Chaplaincy Department of Kyiv Theological Seminary and works closely with Vasily Khimich in one of their partner organizations.


26 February 2022

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

Valya and I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and appreciate so much your willingness to partner with us.  During the past three months we have had an active ministry, with monthly meetings with military widows, visiting our wounded soldiers in the military hospital, and spending just over two weeks with our soldiers in the eastern part of Ukraine. 

After several months of buildup, on Thursday morning, 24 February, Russian troops crossed the border into Ukraine from three sides, to attack Ukraine in an attempt to install new leadership and to bring Ukraine back under Russian control, as had been done under the former Soviet Union.  Valya and I are presently living in our office, and continue to carry out our ministry, despite the turmoil around us, and constant threat of an attack on Kyiv.  We trust our Lord to protect and take care of us, and as much as possible, continue our ministry through daily devotionals using the internet, phone calls of encouragement to regional and local leaders, and prayer times with our leaders—both in person and through various media platforms. 

Now that we are surrounded by Russian troops, I am asking for your prayer support:

*For the Lord/s protection of Ukraine from Russian aggression—especially for Kyiv, as they try to capture the capital of Ukraine.  Thursday night we were again under a Russian rocket attack, and one rocket exploded next to the 9-floor apartment building very close to our office.

*For God’s protection of many Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers who defend our Homeland.

*For God’s protection of both Valya and myself (particularly after my recent foot surgery, as I am quite limited in mobility).

*Pray also for our family here in Kyiv.

*Pray for God’s protection of our chaplains, many of whom are now with the troops on the front line.

*Pray also for our military widows.  Two nights ago we held a one-hour prayer meeting with many of the widows who were able to join us using Zoom.

Valya and I are most grateful for your prayers and other kinds of support.  We are thankful that our Lord knows exactly what is going on, that he takes care of His children, and that this war provides a unique opportunity for us to be an encouragement, to be “salt and light” to those around us.

Thank you again for your prayers and support of our ministry.

Gratefully in Christ,

In Christ,

Vasily and Valya Khimich <><