Presbyterian Church in Columbia, Maryland
Worship Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Summary of the Feb. 15, 2021 Session Meeting

The CMPC Session voted to extend the building closure with no target date for reopening at this time. This path was chosen to allow for continual monitoring of governmental regulations and covid-19 mitigation guidance that remain in flux, and to permit a rapid response when deemed appropriate.

With planning underway for churchwide gatherings on CMPC grounds as spring nears, the Session voted to approve limited access to restrooms during these events. Hall monitors would be onsite to ensure strict compliance to safety rules.

In other business:

  • Following up on the congregation’s approval to amend the church’s bylaws, the Session elected Property Committee Co-Chair Rick Mills to serve as Vice President on the Board of Trustees.
  • The formation of an Ad Hoc Kitchen Rental Committee was announced in order to review requests and establish rules for renting the church’s commercial kitchen.  The committee has met once and is working on gathering pertinent information.
  • The session had a preliminary conversation about a 3rd capital campaign to take place this fall in accordance with the terms of our loan with PILP.