Dear Brothers and Sisters of CMPC,

We pray this letter finds you well in these first days of the new year.

We are writing to you in regard to the 2020 Stewardship Campaign at CMPC.  First of all, we want to thank those of you who have faithfully and generously pledged to our 2020 operating budget.  We cannot do what we do at CMPC on behalf of the gospel without your support.

Second, if you have not pledged yet, we strongly encourage you to consider doing so (even if you have never done so before) so that our leaders can adequately prepare for the upcoming year.  We know a pledge is just that, a commitment made in faith, and we understand that things change.  Still, it is very helpful to know some idea of what our members intend to give to the work of the church over the course of the next twelve months, so we can plan accordingly and appropriately.

As of the writing of this letter we have received 107 pledges for a total of $410,998. 

We also write to let you know that, as of today, we are significantly behind in our projected revenue needs for 2020.  This is due to a number of circumstances.  First of all, we have had a number of members who were faithful and generous contributors pass away or move.  In addition, we have ended 2019 with a deficit (for the first time in many years) mostly due to the added challenges of the Ministry Expansion Project and we hope to make up for that deficit in 2020.  And, of course, for the first time in decades we will be making mortgage payments on our newly renovated and expanded facility and grounds.

In the past many of you have expressed that you would be willing to give more if you knew the need was there.  And so, we write to let you know of the need and to ask you to prayerfully consider helping us meet it.  If you have not pledged yet, please consider pledging.  If you have pledged and would be willing to pledge more, we would certainly appreciate it.  Either way, if you wish to pledge or adjust a previously submitted pledge please reach out to one of our two Co-Assistant Treasurers, Missy Sullivan or Joyce Danzig, and they will be happy to assist you.

Missy Sullivan:

Joyce Danzig:

As you prayerfully consider this request, we offer some specific numbers we believe may be helpful. 

If each household that has already pledged would be willing to increase their pledge by $300 for the year (or $25 per month) we would reach the same pledge level as 2019 and make up for the revenue lost to members moving away or passing away.

For a bigger challenge: if each household that has already pledged would be willing to increase their pledge by $850 for the year (or $70 per month) we would be able to cover the portion of the mortgage that will not be covered by capital campaign receipts—achieving our goal of stepping up to the full impact of the mortgage to the annual budget over the next few years.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Thank you for your financial support of the important work of Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church!


CMPC Stewardship Committee

Bob Clemens, Andrea Raid, Ashlyn Sowell