For six hot days in July, sixteen people (children, youth, and adults) from CMPC met up with 49 other folks (from churches in Bowie, MD and Pittsburgh, PA) to serve brothers and sisters in need in Madison County, North Carolina.  Partnering with a local organization called The Community Housing Coalition the volunteers from three churches worked on eight different homes performing tasks ranging from replacing floors, to fixing toilets, to sealing roofs, to power washing—and most everything in between.  All the while, staff and volunteers from the churches ran an incredible children’s ministry program for the youngest in the group.  The group lived at Mars Hill University for the week and managed to squeeze in some fun and sightseeing along the way.  As always, it was an incredibly rewarding week and anyone with any interest in joining the trip next year is encouraged to contact Pastor Hoffman.

Those participating in the trip from CMPC were as follows:

Abby Gallagher (friend of Hannah Miller)

Ashlee Hoffman

Scott Hoffman

Kylee Hoffman

Natalee Hoffman

John Kim

Lindsey Kim

Zoe Kim

Evan Kim

Todd Stubbs

Margaret McGillivray

Maren McGillivray-Stubbs

Callum McGillivray-Stubbs

Lachlan McGillivray-Stubbs

Hannah Miller

Dave Rose