Fourteenth Annual Treats & Sweets a Success

Duets, choirs, soloists, bands, and quartets. Handcrafted artwork, cakes, fashion items, and a staycation package. Tastings, dinners, and culinary trips. This—and a whole lot more—was offered on Sunday evening June 9, at CMPC’s annual Musical Treats & Sweets fundraiser in the sanctuary. Over $5,000 was raised to help defray the cost to attend GenOn Youth Summit East in Wheeling, West Virginia for our youth and leaders as well as for participants from a church we support in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Performances by 18 acts, hosted by funny emcees Ashlyn Sowell and Kirsten Aquino, dazzled and delighted the crowd of nearly 150–our biggest attendance ever. Our “Hopes and Dreams” theme brought a range of music styles with competitive bidding between the sets. Treats & Sweets planning team Joyce Danzig, Liz Perraud, and Jennifer Seinfeld supported performers, donors, cooks and many others who collaborated to bring this event to life on a rainy Sunday night. Many thanks to all who contributed!

Performers and Accompanists:

Kofi Akuoko

Remy Aquino

Haley Barham

Heather Barham

James Board

Charlotte Carmean

Janeen Cooke

Joyce Danzig

Abby Del Favero

Tom Engle

Allen Exner

Joy Exner

Emma Gallagher

Mary Gill

Keira Hase

Hannah Hitt

Kylee Hoffman

Scott Hoffman

Kerri Holderman

Laura Holderman

Chris Hong

Riley Jackson

Abby Jenkins

Carrie Jenkins

Meggie Jenkins

Faith Lamb

Maren McGillivray-Stubbs

John McPherson

Allison Miller

Hannah Miller

Marilyn Mills

Jeffrey Najmi

Lucy Neely

Liz Perraud

Nate Richards

John Salkeld

Jennifer Seinfeld

Jeff Seymour

Renee Seymore

Drew Wardlaw

Brittany Wellington

Lorri Yawney

Auction and Snack Donors:

Sue Ashman

Becky Bruce

Corner Stable

Dave and Tiffany Carmean

Joyce & Neil Danzig

Linda Dunn

Meg Engle

Beth Foster

Markita Garner

Ashlee & Scott Hoffman

Kylee Hoffman

Tim Hughes

Heather Jackson

Meghan Jones

Elise Jordan

Jan Keister

John & Lindsey Kim

Kim & Evans Family Foundation

Don Kyle

Linda Lange

Bethy Medina

Dawn Malmberg

Pam Mitchell

Jen & Don Neely

Cindy Pettit

Peralynna Manor

Art & Liz Perraud

Prayer Shawl Group

Bill Ryder

Tammy and Peter Sandborn

Barb Schmehl

Marc & Jennifer Seinfeld

Ashlyn Sowell & Kevin Wilson

Jessie and Kyra Stewart

Becky Stirling

Teshome Family

Thomas Family

Sarah Trodden

Nancy Walworth

Patricia & Chuck Wilder

Luella White

Jennifer Zwicke

Sound and stage: Neil Danzig, Kylee Hoffman, Riley Jackson

Cashiers: Sue and Bob Ashman, Heather Jackson

Treats & Sweets logo: Tiffany Carmean