Here’s what has happened in the last week:

  • Work has begun on the new site lights in the parking lot
  • The storm drain between Shaker Drive and the church building is being installed
  • Work has begun on demolishing the stairs closest to Fellowship Hall, the wooden exit stairs, and the windows in Fellowship Hall
  • Sprinkler installation continues in the Shaker Drive addition
  • The church office, pastor’s office, and classroom have received their final coats of paint
  • The old electrical room door has been replaced

Here’s what is scheduled to happen in the next week (or so):

  • The work will begin on installing the new roofs and replacing the sanctuary roof
  • Demolition work will continue in Fellowship Hall—including the removal of the wooden exit stairs on the Shaker Drive side as well as the interior stairs closest to Fellowship Hall
  • Grading work will be done around the Shaker Drive addition
  • The drywall in the new entrance will be finished and painted
  • The tile floor will be laid in the new entrance
  • The stairs closest to the sanctuary will be demolished and the floors will be infilled at both old stair locations

Keep checking back here each week for updates. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to Pastor Scott at