Important note: Our general contractors, Whiting Turner, have implemented a policy that anyone visiting the church (for any reason other than the preschool) Monday through Friday during the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm must sign in with someone in the field office (in the old church office) before moving about the building or grounds.  If no one is in the office when you arrive please wait for someone to return.  At times our general contractors will be out of the office and in the field interfacing with the sub-contractors.  Thank you for your compliance!

Here’s what has happened in the last week:

  • Excavation for the new addition on the Shaker Drive side of the building was completed
  • The window wells of the old choir robing room and old nursery have been removed
  • The retaining wall next to the steps leading into fellowship hall from Shaker Drive was removed
  • Sprinkler pipes are being installed in the hallway and rooms underneath fellowship hall
  • The drywall for the soffit around the perimeter of the sanctuary is going in
  • The second level floor trusses for the new entrance are being installed
  • Work has begun on excavating for the new driveway

Here’s what is scheduled to happen in the next week (or so):

  • The holes in the sanctuary ceiling will be patched
  • The roof trusses for the new entrance will be delivered and installed
  • The footers for the new addition are being prepped and will be poured soon
  • Work will continue on the foundation for the new Shaker Drive addition
  • The low voltage wires for data (internet) will be installed

Keep checking back here each week for updates. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to Pastor Scott at