This past weekend I had the privilege to spend Friday and Saturday with a great group of people – Pastor Scott and the other members of Session and Deacons of our church. The fact that we were away from our homes and normal routines, at the Bon Secours Retreat Center, allowed us to focus on what had brought us together – the call to serve as leaders at CMPC. I’m sure others in the group were having thoughts similar to mine – that this “leadership” role at times feels like an overwhelming responsibility. I, and I’m sure others, are reassured by the saying, “God doesn’t call the equipped, but rather He equips the called.”

This weekend retreat started to equip each of us, by giving us opportunities to get to know each other on a more personal basis, spend time together in fellowship, share our faith, and worship together in an intimate setting. Standing in a small circle, passing the bread and wine to each other as we shared communion, was very special. Praying for each other and sharing joys and concerns is something we do at the end of every meeting, but was even more special after getting to know each other better at this retreat.

While the dreary weather outside precluded our enjoying offerings at the Retreat Center like the Serenity Garden or Prayer Labyrinth, it was “sunny” inside, as everyone enjoyed each other’s company over meals and during a bit of unstructured fellowship time on Friday night (including an intense game of Codewords)! There were light moments of fun and laughter but mostly there was time of intentional sharing, as well as in-depth and at times intense discussion, study and listening. Pastor provided us with excellent resources and study guides, based on Scripture, to help direct our conversations. The atmosphere of mutual respect and Christian love was evident and ever present.

We are blessed to have a leader like Pastor Scott working with the Session and Deacons; we are blessed to be able to have opportunities like this retreat and it is a privilege to serve this congregation.

In Christ’s Love,

Sue Ashman

Session member, Class of 2018