Lucy Neely TAOn June 5th, over 100 CMPC members and friends of all ages attended the 11th Annual Treats and Sweets fundraiser. This event helped CMPC LOGOS raise funds for our high schoolers and adult leaders to attend the GenOn Youth Summit in Wheeling, WV this summer.

This year, the theme of Treats and Sweets was “time”. The audience enjoyed 20 musical acts such as When She Loved Me, Tomorrow, Just in Time, and Circle Game. The Beatle’s song, Yesterday was performed once on trumpet by Maddon Barham, and again during a duet with Allen and Andrew Exner. Grandfather’s Clock was also performed twice, once by Riley Jackson on piano and again on violin by Jessie Stewart.

In between sets, guests made their way over to the silent auction. Cakes, pies console tableand confections were auctioned off, as well as Ravens tickets, gift cards, artwork, and more! Bidding wars surrounded the chocolate covered pretzels and handcrafted console table. Many of our church bakers donated cookies, fudge, and dessert bars to the snack table, which were enjoyed during performances.

The event raised $2,738.75 through silent auction bids and donations. Thank you to all who participated! A special thanks to Liz Perraud, Jennifer Seinfeld, and Connie Tressler for organizing the event!


Treats and Sweets Program 2016