It is hard to believe but almost two years have passed since we launched our “Grounded in Faith.  Growing to serve” capital campaign.  The campaign was a huge success on a number of fronts and we are so grateful for the continued faithful support from the members and friends of CMPC.

Here is the latest from Assistant Treasurer Bill Anderson:

Through the end of April 2017, we are 16 of the 36 months into our capital campaign (44% of the time has elapsed) and we have received $1,192,067.88 of the $2,060,885.98 pledged (58% of the money has been received).

While it is common not to receive all monies pledged (due to numerous reasons), since commitment Sunday in November of 2015 there have been almost $15,000 of donations from people who didn’t pledge. There is also another $5,000.00 or so from people who have already exceeded their pledge.

Based on these numbers and trends we are likely to receive the full $2,060,885.98 by the end of 2018.

That is simply amazing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your generous and consistent support of the ministries of CMPC and especially the Ministry Expansion Plan.

A lot has been happening behind the scenes on the plan and we expect to call a congregational meeting soon to update everyone on the progress being made.

Please continue to keep the plan and all of those involved in moving it forward in your prayers.



Peace in Christ,

Rev. Scott W. Hoffman