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CMPC Responds to Christ’s Calling


CMPC has a rich history of responding to the needs of people affected by natural disasters, including several trips to the Gulf Coast after hurricane Katrina.  Unfortunately, now is such a time.  There are two upcoming opportunities for CMPC members and others to step up either through financial donations or (just as important) through volunteering […]

Stop Hunger Now: A Great Impact Story


In May, CMPC worked with Stop Hunger Now to package 20,000 meals, which are on their way to Nicaragua. The impact of our work will be felt by a community thousands of miles away. Each meal provides much needed nutrition to undernourished children and families, like Junior Alexander Hernandez.  Junior is an 8-year-old boy who lives in […]

Mission Update from Rachel Weller


If you ever hear news from Ethiopia, Sudan, or South Sudan – countries where Michael and I live and work – it is probably something about war, kidnapping, shooting, arguing, and generally hateful stuff. A lot of that goes on; it is true. A year ago, Michael and I left Ethiopia to return to the […]