Ministry Expansion Team

Well, it certainly has been and continues to be a busy week for the Ministry Expansion Committee.  The committee is a little more than halfway through interviewing General Contractor companies and hopes to be able to choose the one that will lead us through the project within the next few weeks.  The committee is also close to contracting with a civil engineering firm that will do the work of finalizing the site plan (with the architects) and beginning the permit process.  We expect this part of the process (site plan development and county approval) to take the most time so we are hoping to get it started ASAP.

The committee expects to be reaching out to more members of the congregation in the weeks and months ahead as we form sub-committees to focus on specific parts of the plan.  So don’t be surprised if your phone rings!

In the meantime, the Finance Committee is focused on preparing a recommendation for funding the remaining $1 million of the $3.4 million budget approved by the session by researching different mortgage options.

As always, your prayers are an integral part of this process.  Keep them coming, please!