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Ministry Expansion Plan Update November 29, 2018


Ministry Expansion Plan Update November 29, 2018 Work is finally underway once again on the Ministry Expansion Plan here at CMPC!  As I write this update workers are taking down the canopy outside the parking lot entrance.  Soon we will see more equipment and workers on site preparing part of the property for the new […]



Groundbreaking On Sunday, November 18, immediately following worship, members and friends of CMPC gathered on the west lawn to break ground for the Ministry Expansion Plan.  This event was long awaited and eagerly anticipated.  As the crowd gathered in the cold amongst the small crosses decorated by the children of the church and placed to […]

CMPC Visionfest


Cirque Du Soleil, Traveling Troubadours, Ministry Tour, and “other ideas” were the Visionfest options listed when our team gathered to plan for Sunday, November 11. Our assignment was to help our congregation envision the likely impact of our ministry expansion plan.   We had trouble with the Cirque Du Soleil idea as we tried to […]

Prayer Chain


DID YOU KNOW . . . . ?   Lovingly submitted by Alice Gretsch, for the Herald, 2007. Reprinted and edited for 2018.     Did you know that the Collegiate dictionary defines the word chain as “something that binds” and the Bible dictionary simply defines this word as a “band”?   Did you know that the Collegiate […]